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Online Privacy

Oritani Bank is committed to providing the highest level of security and privacy regarding the collection and use of our online banking customers’ personal information, as well as that of all visitors to our web site. Personal information may be input through online banking transactions, information requests, or through the use of online financial tools. Oritani Bank’s Online Banking Privacy Policy is provided below.

Respect of Right to Privacy
Oritani Bank respects your right to privacy and takes every precaution to provide you with the same level of privacy within our Website that you receive through more traditional bank delivery channels.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
The collection of personal information online is designed to protect access to your personal accounts and to assist us in providing you with the products and services you want and need. The type of information we collect depends upon the services being requested by the customer but may include the following type of personally identifiable information: Contact information (name, address, telephone number), Employment information, Transaction (experience data), Social Security Number, Income, and Credit or Debt Obligations. All personal information collected and stored by us is used for specific business purposes to protect and administer your personal accounts and transactions, to comply with state and federal banking regulations, and to help us better understand your financial needs in order to design or improve our products and services.

Limited Employee Access to Personal Information
Oritani Bank limits employee access to your personal information to only those administrators with a business reason for knowing such information. We also educate employees about the importance of confidentiality and customer privacy. Oritani’s system of internal controls requires administrators to use individual user names and passwords when accessing any personal information input through our web site. This method provides audit trails to further safeguard the privacy of your personal information.

Third-Party Disclosure Restrictions
Oritani Bank follows strict privacy procedures with regard to protecting your personal information. In addition, we require all third parties with a business need to access this information to adhere to similar and equally stringent privacy policies. Personal information, account history and experiences within the bank may be supplied to a third party in order to process a customer transaction; upon customer request, or if the disclosure is required or allowed by law (i.e. exchange of information with reputable reporting agencies, other financial institutions, non-affiliated third parties, subpoena, or the investigation of fraudulent activity, etc.). No information received online is provided to third parties for marketing purposes. If you decide to close your account(s) or become an inactive customer, we will continue to adhere to the privacy position disclosed in this notice.

On Line Banking Security
All Oritani on line account transactions are processed at a secure site through encryption. Oritani has purchased a Veri Sign Digital ID for the Website to assure customers that their transactions are being conducted with Oritani.

Disclosure of Privacy Policies
Oritani Bank is committed to ensuring the privacy of its customers’ personal information.
For more information regarding our Online Banking Privacy Policy, contact us at 888-674-8264 or click here.

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